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Current Show


Show Dates: 13 - 28 May 2016 - Fridays 8pm, Saturday 1pm and 7pm.

BOOK TICKETS ONLINE HERE or call 02 8061 7195 (7 to 10pm daily)

GODSPELL Cast Announcement

We are thrilled to be able to announce the following principal and minor principal cast:

Jesus: Sam Hile

John the Baptist/Judas: Anthony Mason

Lamar: Isaac Owen

Jeffrey: David Forbes

Herb: Michael Clewes

Joanne: Emma Sedlak

Gilmer: Chloe McKenzie

Sonia: Suzanne Chin

Robin: Kathryn Weismantel

Peggy: Rebecca Forbes

The Philosophers: Caroline Reddel, Juliet Smith, Guy Burge, Rachael Foreman and Myfanwy Warner

On the Willows: Lynn Bock, Cathy Bulfin and Joshua Woodward

Production Team

Director - Wendy Cosier

Production Manager - Kath Sharpham

Musical Director - Andrew Yager

Assistant Music Director - Stephen Lee

Rehearsal Pianist - Sharon Weismantel, Michael Stanbury

Choreographer - Clare Burgess

Make up - Eliza Andrews

Lighting - Wayne Chee

Décor - Linda Newman

Costumes -  Beth Virzi

Set Construction - Howard Cosier and Keith Barry



Godspell is a joyful, upbeat show by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin, The Baker’s Wife).

Godspell is based on Biblical accounts of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, but set in a contemporary era. The show is not built on a traditional plot, but rather focuses on Jesus and a small group of followers who share and enact stories/parables and lessons using a range of theatrical styles, storytelling techniques, games and much comedy. In the second act, the show begins to follow a more linear narrative as Jesus is betrayed, crucified and resurrected.

Although Godspell has set characters and a script, just exactly who those characters are (eg. what “type” of people they are) can vary greatly from production to production, particularly according to where the show is set.

This production of Godspell will be set in the vicinity of a modern-day Sydney railway station. As such, the characters are likely to come from a cross-section of contemporary Sydney society. They could be a wide range of ages, cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic backgrounds etc.

We are excited to be performing Stephen’s re-worked 2012 version of the GODSPELL score. You can hear it on YouTube here.

Further detail can be read here from Wikipedia