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Current Show

Show Dates: 15 - 30 May (Eastwood) plus an “away” show 13 June.

Preferential Bookings: 27 March 2015

Public Bookings Open: 1 April 2015

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Directors: Sarah Spear and Penny Wilson  
Musical Director: Imogen Coward
Production Manager: Guy Burge

Choreographer: Bronwyn Carroll

RUDDIGORE Information Sheet: Read all about our team’s visions and vital information about our next show.

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Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd - Disguised as Robin Oakapple, a Young Farmer

Richard Dauntless - His Foster-Brother – A Man-o'-war's-man

Sir Despard Murgatroyd of Ruddigore - A Wicked Baronet

Old Adam Goodheart - Robin's Faithful Servant

Rose Maybud - A Village Maiden

Mad Margaret

Dame Hannah - Rose's Aunt

Zorah - Professional Bridesmaid

Ruth - Professional Bridesmaid


Sir Rupert Murgatroyd - The First Baronet

Sir Jasper Murgatroyd - The Third Baronet

Sir Lionel Murgatroyd - The Sixth Baronet

Sir Conrad Murgatroyd - The Twelfth Baronet

Sir Desmond Murgatroyd - The Sixteenth Baronet

Sir Gilbert Murgatroyd - The Eighteenth Baronet

Sir Mervyn Murgatroyd - The Twentieth Baronet

Sir Roderic Murgatroyd - The Twenty-first Baronet

Chorus of Officers, Ancestors, Professional Bridesmaids and Villagers